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Rohan Irvin

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2 comments on “Go VIP!

  1. Rohan, Kim put me onto these…

    Listened to your chat with Tom from Unocal, really enjoyed your interview and his insights on Thailand and Indo. I was going to say you have a good head for radio but that’s unkind and your voice sounds good . As someone who does not work for a major dealing with those in government here is an exercise in pragmatic optimism.

    How’s about trying to get Keith Spence in conversation he has had along varied and thoughtful career as an explorer and developer, I think he is on the board at Oil Search now, I don’t keep in contact with him anymore but he was my mentor many moons ago.

    If you want to try something a bit different why not interview Kim she is at a cross roads. She would bring a new perspective to more retired white dudes? Just a thought I’ve not asked her. …

    • Rohan Irvin Oct 10, 2015

      Mark, Great to hear from you and I”m glad you’re enjoying the episodes. I’ll follow up over email as having Keith on the show is a great idea and I’ll contact Kim to see if she’s interested – I know it’s not for everyone 🙂