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How to own your own oil well…

Well at least part of one…

In this episode I’m joined by Philip Racusin who is CEO and Co-Founder of EnergyFunders. He’s a really interesting guy, full of energy and on a mission. He and his team at EnergyFunders are setting out to give people like you and I the opportunity to invest directly in oil and as development projects that would otherwise be the exclusive realm of Banks and the Uber rich. A good analogy would be AngelList who have made investing in Tech start-ups available to the masses.

Of course, like any investment, there’s risk involved but what I’m excited about is having the option to apply my knowledge of the industry to my personal investments. I should note that I haven’t invested in any EnergyFunders projects yet nor am I getting anything for having Philip on the show, except of course the pleasure of his company and conversation for an hour or so. He’s just a really interesting guy doing inspiring things.

I hope you enjoy this episode as we cover a vast array of topics from overcoming your fear of failure to the role of technology during the coming “Great Shift Change” in Oil and Gas.

Thanks for listening and thanks for being part of the conversation.

What we cover during our chat:

The founding story of Energyfunders
The internet 3.0
Early influences and mentors
Where does his entrepreneurial passion come from
Time is your most valuable asset
The timeless advice of Winston Churchill
What are the most important traits someone needs to be successful in business
Defining failure and over coming the fear of failure
The shifting dynamics of employment and the freelance economy
Going into business with family
Identifying your massively transformative purpose
Creating jobs
What Energyfunders is and why it’s a good time to invest in oil and gas projects at the moment
How they vet projects before presenting them to investors
Why the “Great Crew Change” will drive the advancement of technology in the industry
Morning routines
The greatest productivity hack at our disposal
Getting good sleep
Organising your digital life
Communication and collaboration tools
Cyber security and the advantages of the cloud
Mastery, the Japanese and sushi
Rapid fire questions
Philip takes over and asks me a few questions

Accredited investors


Winston Churchill
Peter Diamandis
Richard Branson
Ben Horowitz
Robert Greene


Google Drive


The hard thing about hard things
The 48 laws of power
33 strategies of war
The eMyth


Jiro dreams of Sushi

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