This episode is a two part series of my chat with driller and adventurer turned author, Paul Carter. His first book, Don’t Tell Mom I Work on the Rigs: She Thinks I’m a Piano Player in a Whorehouse made me laugh and cry when I first read it about 10 years ago. I read it again before this chat and once again was captivated by his stories from remote parts of the Oil and Gas industry. Before we get into the episode, I need to warn all the kiddies out there that there are a few naughty words used during our chat and please excuse my laughter throughout, Paul is a master story teller! I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did!

Part 1

Part 2

Show Notes

Part 1

Where did Paul’s story telling ability come from?
Growing up on the rigs back when people talked to one another.
G-strings and heli-decks
How it all started in Oil and Gas with Tri-States in Aberdeen: Growing up around offshore drillers and models of semi-sub drilling rigs
First drilling gig as a “powder monkey” on a land rig in remote Western Australia
Being held hostage on a rig in offshore Nigeria
On danger money
Being saved by the US Navy
Driving over someone in a riot in Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Nigeria, coca cola and AK47s
Working in the Philippines on Malanpya
Living it up Manila, Philippines
Working in Saklin, the drugs, firearms and people smuggling capital of Russia
Japan: juxtaposition of tradition and technology
Brunei: the Betty Ford Clinic for Drillers
Joe the Monkey
NAFOD: No Apparent Fear of Death

Part 2

Joe the horny, mischievous monkey
Accidentally becoming a writer
The Oil and Gas industry post 9/11
What didn’t make it into his book
Paul’s writing process
Facilitating a state of flow
What perceptions of the oil and gas industry would Paul dispel
Being called an earth raping eco-vandel
“Unless you’re living off the grid, knitting your own muesli, living in a hemp igloo then far enough you can turn around and have a crack at oil and gas”
The story behind the book “Ride like hell”
Bio-diesel: The possibilities of recycling used cooking oil for public transport
How the government in Australia is holding these ideas back
Using Li Ion batteries, solar panels and grey water recycling systems to get off the grid
What Paul would change about the Oil and Gas industry
The technology advancements of the industry during his career
Paul’s favorite drink
Who Paul’s considers successful
Paul’s definition of success
Who Paul would study with if he could take 6 months off to study with anyone past or present
“Don’t put your finger where you wouldn’t put your dick”
Driving across Japan on a Russian motorbike with a chimp in the side car
“Don’t Tell Mum” the movie


Jesse Thomas “Jack” Jackson
Erwin Hertzeg
Ross Luck
Travis Fimmel
Chris Prat


Paul’s website
Paul on Facebook

Paul’s Books

Other Books

An Introduction to Oil Well Drilling Rev 6.


Poison Girl – bar on Westheimer with great scotch

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